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PersonFriendsStatus Level
Mark Luscombe2NoviceNovice (348 points)
Aimee Hall7NoviceNovice (305 points)
George Jones1NoviceNovice (348 points)
Marlia Berg0NoviceNovice (189 points)
Stephanie Lanke6ApprenticeApprentice (686 points)
Rocky Mengle0NoviceNovice (258 points)
Community Manager0NoviceNovice (136 points)
Amber Harker0NoviceNovice (120 points)
Daniel Schibley0NewbieNewbie (63 points)
Kelly Rucker0NewbieNewbie (83 points)
Laura LeeLun0NewbieNewbie (54 points)
James Z.0NewbieNewbie (31 points)
debby.storms@wolterskluwer.com0NoviceNovice (233 points)
jose.robles@wolterskluwer.com13NewbieNewbie (33 points)
Lauren Van Holten15NewbieNewbie (22 points)
Kim Agricola7NewbieNewbie (10 points)
Bernita Ferdinand0NewbieNewbie (27 points)
Derek Day0NewbieNewbie (11 points)