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They say nothing evokes a memory quite like a picture and here at CCH we couldn’t agree more.


This year at #CCHUC13, we challenged you to capture your favorite User Conference moments and submit them for a chance to win a prize.  We received a myriad of photos ranging from beautiful scenery to scary Halloween costumes. Of course, choosing our favorite is no easy task, so we left that to you.


You snapped, submitted and selected your favorites. Here are the top 3 photos chosen by you:



Walking dead on April 15th. #CPAZombies

Jody Padar (Illinois)



ANDERS rocking the CCH User Conference

Valerie Fohne (Missouri)



Three unknown attendees at the Halloween party as a balance sheet.

Brian Tankersley (Tennessee)



Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! We were thrilled to have so many pictures submitted in the contest. CCH Connections: User Conference 2013 has created many great memories for all of us and we’re happy to have shared them with you. We’re already looking forward to next year!


Stay tuned for a sneak peek of #CCHUC14!

Have you ever caught yourself stuck in an airport on your way to some fun destination thinking “I could really use ____ right now. I wish I’d thought of that”? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s forgetting that new shirt that you bought for a special dinner or finding out that evenings in Phoenix are cooler than you might expect, it’s a frustrating situation to be in. Some of you might be heavy packers, but the rest of us are usually stuck wishing we’d done a bit more research and preparation.


In the spirit of making the most of your visit to Arizona, we’ve compiled this quick list of suggestions to help you enjoy CCH Connections 2013 to its fullest.


Here is our list of must-haves:


Comfy shoes – you’ll spend a lot of time walking around the spacious JW Marriott Desert Ridge resort, so be sure to bring shoes that you can put some miles on


Chargers – for any and all of the portable electronic devices you might be bringing. Tablets are very popular among attendees this year.




Snacks –a granola or energy bar for back up never hurts. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the action at CCH Connections and forget to grab lunch before you head off to your next destination. Keep your energy levels up and make sure you have something to snack on in case time runs short.


Water bottle, lip balm and lotion – CCH employee Elizabeth Marcus, an ex-Phoenix resident, says that at this time of year, the air is extremely dry in Arizona. It’s easy for this to sneak up on you, so do your best to stay ahead!


Business cards – CCH Connections is all about networking! Be sure to bring a handful of business cards to help expand your network and test out one of these mobile apps to see if there is a digital tool you prefer to paper [here are Mashable’s recommendations for 5 Apps to Digitize Business Cards]


We also turned to our community of past attendees and followers for some first-timer tips. Here’s what they had to say:







Speaking of Adam’s advice to bring a camera, we are also excited to announce this year’s photo submission contest! Attendees are invited to submit their favorite CCH Connections 2013 moments to the contest on the User Conference Facebook page. Attendees are invited to submit as many photos as you like. At the end of the conference, we’ll be announcing three winners based on the entries that receive the most votes, with the grand prize being an iPad mini! Don’t worry if you’re not a professional smartphone photographer- check out these quick tips from Pop Photo to help bring out your artistic side.


Remember to follow @CCH_UC and #CCHUC13 on Twitter, and like the CCH Connections Facebook page for more updates. Happy packing everyone!

Yes! Yes! Yes! We love User Conference attendee feedback…it’s very important to us and we use it in making decisions about the schedule, classes and speakers we offer each year. We are collecting it a little differently this year, and I’ll get to that, but first I’m going to review how we’ve collected and used your comments and suggestions from prior years.


At prior User Conferences, we gave each attendee a paper evaluation form to complete at the end of all sessions….general sessions, lectures, workshops, etc. These forms were collected by the moderators, picked up by an assortment of “helpers” and then scanned. In between sessions, several of us reviewed each and every form. If feedback indicated improvements were needed (the speaker went too fast, too much content, didn’t allow for questions, etc.), we communicated that to the speaker so they’d have an opportunity to make some changes before their next session (most speakers present at least two sessions of a class at each Conference). We also passed along the many positive comments we’d see on the evaluation forms, including “best speaker ever”, “loved the real-world examples” and “very engaging.” Below is a snapshot of the infographic we created to feature a few highlights from last year's batch of evaluations- click here to access the full version.


Blog infographic.png

At the end of the Conference, we provided reports to each CCH and guest speaker summarizing the various standard questions and the additional comments from the evaluation forms. In addition, the team that identifies topics and speakers each year uses those same reports to make selections for the current year’s Conference. Many attendees add recommendations for topics or speakers they’d like in the future or something they’d prefer we did differently and we’ve made changes this year as a result (for one example, see my blog post about Discussion Pods).


New for this year, we are collecting your feedback electronically. At the end of each class, the session moderator will scan a barcode on your badge to confirm your attendance in that session. We’ll import the scanned information into our registration system and once you are marked as “attended” you will receive a link to an evaluation form for that session. Given how many different ways we use your feedback, please make sure you complete the online evaluation form for each session you attend. It’s important to us!


If you haven't already, visit the site today to register before prices increase next week and see you in Phoenix.

Pat Croce, this year’s CCH Connections keynote speaker, touts an impressive list of achievements. An award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author and former Philadelphia 76ers President, he is best known for his success as a physical therapist and pioneer in the business of sports medicine.


After a successful career in physical therapy, he utilized his business-savvy, hard-working personality to resurrect the Philadelphia 76ers, who rose from the NBA’s last placed team to defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001 for a championship title. Along the way, the team broke several franchise records both on and off the court. And did we mention he has an incredible love of Pirates? Seriously- he’s also the founder of the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum!


Croce has been awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and has been featured on the cover of Inc. magazine as the modern day Dale Carnegie.  Join us at CCH Connections: User Conference 2013 to hear Pat share his incredible journey from the training room to the boardroom.

In the meantime, let the CCH Connections team know your favorite Pirate phrase on Twitter by mentioning the #cchuc13 hashtag, and if you haven’t already- jump aboard by registering for this year’s conference here.

See you in Phoenix, mateys!


We have 74 different classes this year and after scheduling them multiple times during the 2.5 days of the conference, there are 189 options to choose from.  What are attendees selecting?  Workshops!  As of today, there are approximately 16 classes out of the total scheduled that have fewer than 10 seats remaining.  Of those 16, 13 are workshops (3 are discussion pods – see previous post).  In total, there are 31 workshops scheduled, so that means that 42% are already full!


How does a workshop differ from a lecture?  We call sessions “workshops” if they involve attendees being hands-on using a provided laptop that is pre-loaded with sample data to work with during the class.  For instance, in the ProSystem fx Engagement – Tips and Tricks workshop, the speaker, Jared Jones, will have attendees follow along in the application as he and the other attendees share best practices for getting the most out of this solution.  In another workshop, Introduction to CCH Axcess Workstream, the speaker, Nate Brown, will demonstrate features and functionality with attendees following along in the program but he’ll also have the attendees use the software to complete exercises designed to reinforce what they’ve just learned.  Lectures are speaker-led sessions that are not hands-on.


Another difference between these two delivery formats is the number of attendees per session.  For workshops, we limit each class to 30 attendees so that the number is manageable for the speaker and moderator to help attendees with the use of the applications as needed.  The lower number of attendees helps make these sessions very interactive and as a result, this format has been very popular in years past.  That popularity and limit on the number of attendees means you need to select any workshops you want to attend as soon as possible!


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