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The following post was one of the winners of the CCH Best Practices contest, which was held in 2011.



Continuing to effectively move forward as your practice rapidly expands.

Our goal at Kuenzi & Company has always been to increase realization and overall efficiency on our audits. That segment of our practice has rapidly expanded in recent years. Until we made the move to the CCH platform, it was an uphill battle! We trialed Thomson Reuters' engagement product, Engagement CS, and were not able to attain our firm's desired level of integration between the trial balance, workpaper management module, and financial statements. After we contacted several reputable larger Firms in our area who were using ProSystem fx® Engagement, we got the confirmation we needed that we could achieve the level of integration we were looking for with ProSystem fx Engagement. It quickly became apparent how to achieve the integrated audit we were looking for shortly after we started using Engagement. We love the fact that the trial balance is essentially an embedded workpaper. And the fact that it seamlessly integrates in Microsoft® Excel® is an accountant's dream!


We also switched from BNA (tax research) and Comperio (accounting research) to CCH's IntelliConnect and Accounting Research Manager® (ARM) online research products. Both CCH research products provide a more intuitive interface for younger staff than our former products did. Plus, we are finding additional benefits from the integration between Engagement and ARM. Additionally, we expect to achieve the same in integration between IntelliConnect and ProSystem fx Tax when we switch to that product.


Our CCH products enabled us to have a much more collaborative work environment than before. Our audit process is now digital, which along with delivering integration allowed for a seamless transfer of information between staff in the field, as well as the field-office connection. We work remotely via a terminal server environment so audit workpapers never leave the office, adding a layer of security to the entire process and ensuring 100% backup of all files at all times. We now have scalable systems and processes in place that make it much easier to not only perform daily tasks and routines, but also to add clients and audit engagements without feeling out of control like in times past. And we love that our online CCH research products provide an added level of integration we never had before.


We look forward to watching the CCH products continue to develop in the SAAS model where we can ultimately be relieved of software and system management and spend more time focusing on client work and service. Thank you CCH for providing us the tools we need!


-Kyle Walter, Kuenzi & Company (Salem, OR)


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