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Phil Juravel, CPA and Managing Partner at Juravel & Company, LLC in Alpharetta, Georgia, has chosen several Wolters Kluwer, CCH products and solutions for his firm, including CCH Site Builder, ProSystem fx® Engagement, ProSystem fx® Fixed Assets, ProSystem fx® Practice Management, ProSystem fx® Scan, and ProSystem fx® Tax. He recently reported on his experience with them as a whole:


"We are very happy with the entire suite of programs. As you can see, we use most of the programs. They integrate perfectly and makes our life easy!"

Michael Hogan, Tax Manager at Yegen Companies in Tenafly, New Jersey, recently wrote us concerning his experience with CCH Axcess™ Tax:


"My implementation consultant has done an excellent job in following up with me on a monthly basis.

Customer service has also done a good job with troubleshooting when problems do come up.

The program is user friendly and well designed."

CPA Practice Advisor profiles CCH Axcess Customer Bernard N. Ackerman, CPA, PA:


Fast-forward to today and BNA is firmly in the Cloud. The firm first adopted CCH’s SaaS-based practice management solution, and in 2012 implemented CCH’s newly launched SaaS tax solution—CCH Axcess.


“A lot of firms would not have adopted a newly released Cloud-based tax solution just before the start of tax season, but based on our positive experience with CCH’s SaaS practice product, we figured, why not?” explained Ackerman. “Axcess is dynamite! We process approximately 1,600 individual returns and 300 business returns, and we had very few problems …even with the late e-filing start.”


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“In addition to providing a safe and easy way to share information, Portal is a great collaboration tool in working with clients and other third-party providers, such as attorneys and consulting firms. And the fact that we have a portal reflects positively on our firm when it comes to prospective new clients. More clients are expecting their accounting firms to be technologically savvy, and CCH helps us exceed their expectations.” – Craig Lohman, Lohman Company


“Instead of making a PDF copy for email and masking the social security numbers, we can post requested documents in the client’s portal. The clients really like that aspect. Even those who we thought weren't as technologically savvy have found it very, very easy to use.” – Sue Vickerman, Armour Vickerman


“Our clients who use it absolutely love it. One business client posts Quickbooks reports and documents that we can then accept from Portal into Document and put to use. It’s very convenient for our clients who are traveling, too.” – Sam Armour, Armour Vickerman


“We do have people who are not computer savvy, and we have had little to no complaints from the customer side on how to work Portal. One of the problems with GoFileRoom was that why it never why we never actually got it up and running was because we couldn't get the customers to figure out how to use it on their end.” – Gigi Boudreaux, Raich Ende Malter & Co.


“We just recently got a new Engagement and one of the conditions was that we had a Portal because they only wanted to send their information to us through a secure and it's absolutely not a problem and they set it up within an hour and they were thrilled.” – Larry Wilk, Raich Ende Malter & Co.


“Ninety-nine point nine percent of clients take to Portal very quickly; get in, get what they need without us having to hold their hand and walk them through it. It has been an absolute homerun for us.” – Len Romaniello, Lenkowski Lonergan

"Very versatile and professional software program. Customer support awesome. Never considered changing this program."


-Richard Harrison Charan, Richard Harrison Charan, CPA


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